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Princeton Junction Engineering, PC

Princeton Junction Engineering, P.C., located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, is a multi-faceted, responsible, dedicated and respected engineering firm founded in 1969.


 The professional services of PJE offers include, but are not limited to, project design, specifications, contract documents and technical supervision in a variety of planning, surveying and engineering disciplines.  Our register of clients includes commercial, educational, institutional, corporate and industrial clients.


 PJE utilizes some of the most advanced computer hardware and techniques to complement the comprehensive services we offer our clients.  This is one reflection of our conscientious and continuous effort to take full advantage of all advancements in technology in our profession.


Our site planning and engineering services range from comprehensive feasibility studies and initial layout; to final stakeout, inspections and the presentation of as-built plans.  PJE has provided the site engineering, including roadway and utility design and site grading, for numerous corporate, industrial and residential construction projects.


Construction services such as improvement stakeouts, earth work calculations and as-built location plans have been provided to a variety of municipalities, public and private clients.  Our professional staff frequently assists architectural firms with detailed engineering of conceptual designs.


PJE has embraced Low Impact Development (LID) and Sustainable Development through our extensive use of inline storm water treatment as well as “end of pipe” solutions to meet the demanding State, County and Local requirements.  As design engineers, surveyors and planners we understand it is our responsibility to design site improvement solutions that are specifically tailored to individual sites and situations.  It is our professional task to protect our client’s interests, the environment, adjoining land owners and the public welfare.


Complete site engineering services have been provided for several multimillion dollar industrial office parks.  These services included: initial layout, site grading, drainage, detention, utility layout, lighting and landscaping, soil erosion and sediment control, and community and environmental impact statements.  In one such case the unavailability of municipal sewers was overcome by the design of an industrial subsurface sewage disposal system.